Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Get What You Pay For

When am I ever going to learn? Quality has it's price. And, it is (almost) always worth it.

I have been on an obsessive search for new bedding for Dash's room. We moved everything around a few weeks ago and he is now in his real and final big boy bed. Except he will probably be too tall for it by the time he's 13. And, well, then he just better get a job.

This used to be our guest bed, so I did have a set for it. Sort of. I had been using an extra king-sized comforter, and it's just too big for the bed. It was annoying me. Especially with the toddler guardrail. And, it was all flowery and I felt bad for the kid. (Note: Dash did not care about it being flowery, nor does he really care about covers in general. He kicks them off. All. The. Time.)

So, what is my problem? I don't know. I wanted to have a nice "boy" bedroom for him. I think I need to write another post on why I obsess about things that don't matter. I can already hear Mr. Incredible shouting "AMEN!"

Anyway, back to the bedding search. I looked everywhere: Target (all twin stuff, no full), Walmart (poor quality), TJ Maxx (no kids bedding), Home Goods (an ENTIRE AISLE of GIRL bedding; one boy set, not my size), Pottery Barn Kids (gorgeous stuff, super pricey).

I love Pottery Barn kids, don't you? Dash's crib set and rug are from PBK (mostly gifted to us). I just feel so guilty spending the money on their stuff. But, it's what I really want. And, it's good quality.

Uggghhh. I hate this. I wish I could be more like my husband. When we go out to dinner, he orders what he wants. Forever the penny pincher, I try to order something inexpensive that I may not really be in the mood for. Am I the only one that does this? Please, just say no so I can feel better.

Anyway, I took Dash to Walmart the other day and decided to check their kid's bedding again. They had a big, ugly Batman comforter. Dash made a beeline for it and declared it his. The feel of it kind of made my skin tingle (not in a good way). I figured, what the heck? For $40 I will no longer be annoyed with an oversized comforter, AND my kid will be happy. (He thanked me profusely when we got home. He is a thankful little dude, thank God we're doing something right.)

Are you ready for the point of this post? Whew, I am. The quality of this comforter is not very good. I threw it in the washer, fine. Then, I put it in the dryer. One of those "old school" dryers with no moisture sensor. Yeah, I sort of fried the batting in a few parts of the comforter. I made it worse.

So, what did I learn this week? Go for quality, even if it costs a little more. And, don't put a crappy comforter in a small dryer. Now, to do something about those flowery curtains in the boy's room...

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  1. I have learned this lesson, although my hubby seems like he struggles more with it. I'd rather spend more and get good quality.

  2. LOL - so funny and I can relate on SO MANY levels. Struggled with same thing for my oldest - finally got non-descript striped comforter at Target - has been GREAT - held up well in our crappy washer/dryer set - looks nice - he's happy. Seriously - when are we doing lunch?? =)


  3. What about Bed, Bath & Beyond? It's where I've always gotten my bedding and I've been pleased. And I have a million coupons for that place that I can send you!

    In reference to your obsessiveness, it's who you are (and we love you!!! I do the same thing, so I can relate). Sometimes you have to just let go when it comes to price. For me, I think of all the other savings I've scored and that makes it better. It's not everyday that you can put price first! Hopefully lesson learned for you!

  4. oh leave those curtains for a while, they will build character right?