Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Am a Winn-ah!

My good pal PK posted this about her recent winning streak, and it got me thinking about the things I've won since I became a blog-aholic. Then, I remembered this post by Amy at The Finer Things in Life (love this blog!). So, I thought I'd put my own little list together.

I love entering blog contests--and I love winning even more:) It just goes to show that someone IS winning all those blog contests out there, so why not enter?

$10 Tupperware gift card - Bargain Hunting Moms (Love me some Tupperware, but haven't had a chance to order anything yet.)

20 piece set of Rubbermaid containers - Rubbermaid blog (LOVE the Premier containers!)

$50 Safeway gift card - The ¢entsible Life (By far one of my favorites, I stretched this far at Genaurdi's.)

Yoplait gift pack - Domestic Debacle (Free yogurt [the chocolate raspberry whips are SO good] and a fun popsicle mold)

Night at the Museum 2 gift pack - Genesis Moments (Still haven't watched this yet, in the stack to watch.)

Sun & Earth gift pack - For the Mommas (Love the all-purpose cleaner and they are a local company)

TastyKake coupons (2 free boxes) - Twitter giveaway @TastyBakingCo (Kandy Kakes, 'nuf said)

Quaker Tortillaz (free bag) - Twitter giveaway @QuakerTalk (Not crazy about this product, weird texture. I like the mini rice cakes better.)

Success Rice coupon (1 free box) - Twitter giveaway @Success_Rice (Can't remember what I made with this, but, yay free rice!)

$25 Dress Barn gift card - Domestic Debacle (Used this to buy a new black bag, it is fabulous.)

How to Be the Family CFO by Kim Snider - The ¢entsible Life (Have not gotten a chance to read this yet, but it's on my to-read list.)


  1. Holy molly, you are a winnah! And in comparison, I am a loser! I need to enter more blog contests. I've only entered 2 or 3, but got discouraged after not winning anything!!! Those were some nice practical prizes too!

  2. Wow! You've won a LOT of stuff! I won a Swiffer Wet Jet several months ago. Unfortunately I'm the world's worst cleaner and have STILL not used it!!