Friday, March 5, 2010

CVS Shopping Trip

1 CVS pain relief 2.00
2 Excedrin 2.50 each
2 Revlon nail polish 4.99 each, buy one get one free sale
= 11.99

- 4.00 Excedrin IPs 2.00/1 x 2 (no longer available to print)
- 2.00/1 Revlon mfr
- 2.00/1 Revlon CVS coupon
= 3.99 + tax oop

Look what you can get for less than the price of ONE nail polish! I didn't have any coupons for the CVS brand acetaminophen, but it was a very good price. I'm having minor surgery in a few weeks and I can only take acetaminophen, so I wanted to grab one. I also couldn't pass up .50 a box for Excedrin. I like to buy nail polish on sale and include it in gift bags for my friends. These prices are good through tomorrow 3/6/10.

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