Thursday, January 21, 2010

CVS = FreeVS

This week's CVS score:

6 12-pack Pepsi products 3.33 each
3 3-pack Ivory soap .99 each (raincheck price)
1 Tums 3.29
1 CVS brand travel face cloths 1.49
= $27.75

- 4.00/20.00 purchase CVS coupon emailed to me (sign up for a CVS card and then register the card online so you get these emails too!)
- 2.97 3 x 1.00/1 Ivory soap coupons (register adjusted down to actual cost)
- 4.00/1 Tums CVS coupon (check the bottom of your receipt AND scan your card at the price scanner/coupon printer to get CVS coupons) This did not adjust down, so I did get .71 overage.
- 1.50/1 CVS brand skin care product

Total out of pocket (oop) cost, including tax: $16.08 + 10.00 back in ECBs

The Pepsi was part of an ECBs promotion, buy $20 worth and get $10 ECBs. So, I earned 10.00 in ECBs to use on whatever I want at CVS! (Excludes gift cards, prescriptions and a few other things.) I will try to roll that into another purchase with ECBs again next week.

About a year and a half ago, I started couponing. Hard core. Many of you tuned out right there, right? It takes a little while to figure it all out, but I haven't paid for shampoo or toothpaste in over a year!

How? CVS + Coupons + CVS Extra Care Bucks (ECBs).

So many bloggers explain it better than me, so click below if you would like to learn more.

Tara has a great CVS 101 post. It covers the basics, plus a little more.

I always check for the weekly CVS posts from Mindi and Shannon.

When I was getting started, the CVS forums at Hot Coupon World were a huge help.

All of this is just to prove that I am not a nut job. And if I am, there are hundreds of others like me!

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