Monday, January 18, 2010

24 Recap: Season 8, Episodes 1 & 2

Jack is back! Let the torturing fun begin.

Where did we leave everyone at the end of Season 7? Well, Tony almost kills Wilson (the person responsible for Michelle's death and the mastermind behind the whole bio-weapon plot), but Jack and Renee get there in time to stop him. Tony is shot, but I don't think he dies. So, maybe he will make an appearance this season? Renee takes Wilson in to "make him talk". She even handcuffs poor Janis (not really, I can't STAND Janeane Garofalo) to a pipe so she can take the gloves off on this guy. President Taylor learns the truth about her dear Livvy and ships her off to the slammer. Henry is devastated. Jack is in the hospital ready to bite it, when Kim rushes in and says she wants to do the treatment regardless of the risk to herself.

Season 8 starts off with a blaze of gunfire--of course! The "good" guy manages to get away with just a shot in the shoulder. Then, cut to a cute scene where Jack is babysitting his granddaughter, Teri (named after her grandmother, awww). Jack has been living in New York City, and Kim and the fam are visiting. Kim wants Jack to move back to LA with them to settle down and have the life they've always wanted. Jack agrees and is set to fly out with them later that day.

But, trouble always follows Jack. An old pal, Victor, from his Salazar days shows up on his doorstep asking for his help in getting a deal with CTU (now, apparently based in NYC). Victor claims to have information on a hit on President Hassan. Hassan and President Taylor are in the middle of historic peace negotiations at the UN. Jack agrees to get him to CTU and then he's out. Yeah, right.

Then, we get to know the new CTU. I'm not a fan, but I'll give them a shot. I have a major problem with them giving my girl Chloe a hard time! Main characters are Brian Hastings (director), Cole Ortiz (Latino (??) New Yorker, lead agent) Dana Walsh (sordid past, engaged to Cole), and Arlo (techie guy). Jack convinces Hastings to send a CTU unit to bring Victor in. Cole and team are dispatched. Jack barely get Victor to the helicoptor when a rocket/bomb hits the helicoptor and there is a huge explosion. Victor is not going to make it and Jack begs him to give him the info on the assassin. Victor only says that "it's someone very close to Hassan."

Meanwhile, there is a little backstory with President Hassan and a blond bimbo-type reporter, Meridith Reed. Hassan's brother warns him to cut off all contact with her, but he refuses. She is doing a big article on him. And, oh yeah, they're also shagging. The real bad guy, Davros, frames Reed by using her computer and making it look like she hacked UN security files. Reed gets taken down on her way to meet Hassan.

Jack keeps trying to leave CTU (he really does make an effort this time), and get on that plane to LA. But, Chloe doesn't believe that Reed is the real killer, and askes Jack to stay and help her. He says no, but then Kim guilts (my opinion) him into staying. Hellooooo? This is what you've both always wanted. Hang it up and walk away! But, then, we wouldn't really have a season 8.

We find out that Hassan's brother, Farhad, is the traitor when he makes a call to Davros. Hastings interrogates Reed. She says that it was strictly professional and it registers on the lie detector as a lie.

Davros walks up to a house and asks the woman if her husband Jim is home. He comes in and waits a few moments. It seems Jim and Mike/Davros are cops assigned to UN detail. Mike asks Jim to switch shifts with him. Jim says no and Mike goes postal. He slips into his accent and whips out a gun. Jim hesitates on something Davros says and Davros shoots the wife in the leg.

Some predictions, without reading any spoilers... Hastings is not going to last. I don't know how he'll exit, but I just have a feeling. The Cole/Dana subplot will probably be annoying, as they are already kind of annoying themselves. Chloe is going to kick everyone's ass because they doubted her and made her feel like dung over not knowing the new computer systems.

Episode 3 is on tonight and the preview showed that Renee is involved somehow (YES! love her).

Do you have any 24 predictions? What do you think of the new season?

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