Tuesday, January 19, 2010

24 Recap: Season 8, Episodes 3 & 4

Um, wow, Renee. I love you and all, but why did you have to have a mental breakdown and become a psycho? But, wait, I'm getting way ahead of myself.

The 6:00 p.m. hour begins with Jack finding the house where Davros was dropped off. He looks in the window and poor Jim and his wife are dead. He goes in to take a look around. While inside, the cops show up. Jack tells the one officer that he's working with CTU and the couple was dead when he got there. The other cop comes up from behind and tases Jack, yelling "cop killer." Here, we waste a big bunch of time watching the bad cop beat the crap out of Jack and the good cop hem and haw about what to do. Finally, the good cop calls it in and everything gets straightened out. Good cop drives Jack to the UN.

Meanwhile back at CTU, Hastings is told that Reed had a key card to Hassan's private residence. That girl can barely hold it together. She spills the beans of their affair almost immediately. So, Hastings decides that he HAS to get Hassan on the phone. In the middle of peace negotiations. Dumb. He gets through to Hassan and Hassan confirms the affair. Farhad has a hissy fit and Reed is cleared.

Dana's stinkin' sub-plot gets some airtime. The trashy, scary guy (Kevin) shows up at CTU and asks for Dana. She appeases him by agreeing to let him stay in her apartment overnight. Gives him the key and everything. She must be really stupid or he really has the goods on her. Hurry up and tell us what it is--I'm annoyed already!

Arlo finds files on Reed's computer showing floor plans of the UN. And, plans to plant a bomb. Hastings orders an immediate evacuation of the UN. This, of couse, was a false lead and causes Hassan to be delivered right into Davros' little trap. (A bomb planted under a manhole on the street.)

Jack figures out what's going on and gets through to Cole, who is leading the UN security detail. Cole races ahead of the motorcade to cut off Hassan's car. There is a big explosion and we're not sure who made it.

Next hour... Cole and Hassan are both alive. Cole gets Hassan in another car and back to CTU. Cole then spots Davros and pursues him back into the buildng. By himself. Duh. Davros finds Cole first and puts a gun to his head. He wants Cole to help him escape the building. Cole calls it in, but says that Davros is with him. Just as Davros is about to shoot Cole in the head, Jack shoots Davros, killing him. Jack rips off Davros' shirt (weird) and sends photos of Davros' tattoos back to CTU.

Farhad learns that his brother is still alive and he will likely be connected to the plot shortly. He jumps out of the car, stabs a guard in the neck, and escapes into the night. This was all in front of Hassan's wife and daughter. So, yeah, everyone knows you're guilty now, idiot.

Dana tells Hastings that Davros' tattoos indicate he is part of an elite Russian mob. There was an undercover FBI agent that got in with them several years ago. Guess who it was? Renee Walker. Boo-yah. Renee is back.

Despite everything, Farhad makes his way to meet with the Russian mobsters to buy his nukes. Farhad asks for proof of the weapons and mob guy takes him to see his son who "got too close to the nukes". The poor guy is probably dying of radiation poisoning and dear old dad has him locked in the kitchen pantry. That is one cold dude.

Hastings has Renee brought in to discuss what she knows about the Russian mobsters. He then asks her to go back undercover to find out their plans. Jack tries to gently stop her, reminding her of her little breakdown. Everything Jack says she just takes as an insult and insists on going undercover. So, instead of going to the airport (again!), Jack decides to go undercover with Renee. Can I get an AWWWW here?

So, Renee is slipping back into her old role and Jack is going to play the nuke buyer. They head to an auto parts store where one of Renee's old contacts works. Ziya is out on parole and has a parole bracelet, so he can't take her to Vladimir (the head of everything). She tells him she can take care of that and puts his arm in a vice. Grabs a saw. And cuts his thumb off. Holy crap.

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  1. Love 24 - but not liking Renee going psycho. Its like she and Jack have traded consciences. (Is that a word?)