Monday, February 1, 2010

Another CVS trip

The deals at CVS were slim over the last few months, so I'm happy to get a few good ones now!

My family had a terrible stomach virus over the weekend, but I had to run out to the store on Sunday morning. So, I stopped by CVS since I had a $4/20 CVS coupon that was emailed to me and expiring soon. I forgot to take a picture because, well, that one trip completely wore me out. I guess I was not as recovered as I thought.

Anyway, on to the deals!

Transaction #1

2 Dove for men body wash 5.49 each, earn 5.49 ECBS each, limit 2
1 newspaper 1.75
= 12.73
- 2.50 2 x 1.25 mfr coupons
- 10.00 ECBs earned here
= .23 oop, earned 10.98 in ECBs

Transaction #2

2 mega packs Pull-Ups 10.00 each
1 newspaper 1.75
= 21.75
- 4/20 CVS coupon
- 4.00 2 x 2.00 mfr coupons
- 10.98 ECBs from previous transaction
= 2.77 oop, earn 5.00 ECBs

So, all in all, I spent $3.00 of my own money for all of the above, plus I have 5.00 ECBs to roll next week!

Sometimes it pays to separate your transactions. There is nothing wrong with this at all. The key is to have your card and all of your coupons ready. I also make sure that there is not a long line. Otherwise, I will do my one transaction and get back at the end of the line to to the next.

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