Monday, February 22, 2010

24 Season 8: Episode 8

Dana calls Kevin and we see that Kev and his pal have wasted not time putting their new, hard-earned money to work... at a strip club. Kevin tells Dana that they have a good thing going and he wants to do it again. Pal grabs the phone and threatens to tell Cole about her past if she doesn't help them. Didn't see that one coming, did you? Dana asks to speak to Cole privately, and tells him that she has some skeletons in the closet. He interrupts her and says that there is nothing that would make him stop loving her. Awwwww. Cole is called back to work and Dana gives him a resolved smile. Everything will be fine. She knows what she has to do. We last see Dana sitting outside the strip club. With a gun. Is that right or am I imagining things?

Jack is brought back to Big Russian Daddy's restaurant. He thinks Jack is a cop. DUH. Jack already messed with the Russians. Isn't his picture up on some Russian website by now? "Do not trust this man" Jack is tortured by one of the henchmen. Jack pretends he passed out, and then knocks the thug's lights out. Jack manages to get out of the handcuffs just in time to escape. He finds a cell and calls in CTU back up. Jack nails Big Daddy and delivers him on a platter to CTU. Oddly enough, Big Daddy rolls over immediately like fat dog. He says he'll tell CTU where the rods are in exchange for immunity for him and his son, Josef. Jack gets on his direct line to POTUS and makes the deal. That story element is getting a little old for 24, don't you think?

Cole and his team head to the location of the rods. When they get there, all that's left is an empty tractor trailer. AND, Young Russian Bro's cross necklace. Daddy immediately knows that Josef has the rods. Josef is on his way to meet Farhad. I'm just wondering if Josef thinks he is going to get out of that meeting alive?

Oh yeah, and Hassan is still on the paranoia train headed for disaster. His daughter finally gets into see him and tells him that she and Faroush are an item. This makes Hassan furious and he forbids her to see him again. He is sure that this means that Faroush is out to get him. Maybe yes, maybe no?

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