Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Tweet-Up

I've gotten to know many bloggers through their blogs and chatting over twitter. I especially love following local blogs, I just feel a bit more of a connection. How well can you really know someone via the internet? Pretty well, actually (they were all normal, honey!).

A few Philly mom bloggers decided to get together tonight. I got to meet the lovely ladies behind these blogs:

The Centsible Life
Just Precious
But Wait It Gets Better
Chester County Moms
Looking Good (for a mom)

I was really nervous, I'm actually kind of shy. But, everyone was really sweet, and we sat around talking over margaritas and chips & guacamole. It was nice to put names with faces and have a great girls night out. Thanks for welcoming me:)


  1. It's so funny because I would never think of you as shy!! But, that is a big leap to enter a group of women who are essentially strangers. I need to find more local bloggers and turn them into real friends ...

  2. There's more than one blogger in New Hampshire? Are you sure?

  3. SO totally bummed I missed it - when is the next one?? March?? I'm in!!!