Monday, February 15, 2010

CVS Shopping Trip

I was going to skip CVS entirely this week, but popped in on Saturday night. And Sunday. It's because CVS is sandwiched between Genuardi's and Blockbuster. I swear.

Saturday (CVS ads run Sunday through Saturday, so this deal are no longer available)

4 Nivea Lip Balms 2.99
= 11.96
- 5.98 Nivea mfr coupons (buy one get on free)
- 5.00 ecbs
= 1.04 oop, earned 5.00 ecbs for buying $10 worth of Nivea products, and earned 1.00 ecbs for using my own bag. You can buy a "green tag" for 1.00 and attach it to a reusable bag. You earn 1.00 every fourth time you use it.

1 Glade reed diffuser 6.00
1 Glade soy candle 6.00
1 Newspaper 1.75
= 13.75
- 6.00 Glade coupons 2 x 3.00/1 Glade mfr coupons
- 6.00 ecbs
= 1.84 (there's always tax!), earned $4 ecbs for buying $12 worth of Glade products.

These deals were both done with just two of each coupon. Even if you start off by buying one newspaper per week and asking a neighbor for their coupons, you can score many things for free/cheap!

This will also go well with the SC Johnson $5 Rebate. Buy three products from the SC Johnson family of products, get a $5 rebate!

Did you get any good CVS deals this week?


  1. I ran some other errands after I dropped you off. I finally hit CVS and the grocery store late--didn't get home until almost 10:00. Oy!

  2. But at least you were productive and made the most of your kid-free and husband-free time!

  3. I think I need to go to CVS with you. . .LOL


  4. Hey Hillary - I'd be happy to have a cohort:) I'll let you know the next time I have a good scenario.