Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reynold's No-Stick Foil

I have very few brand loyalties. I use whatever shampoo is on sale (or, at this point, in my stockpile!), same for toothpaste, clothes, kitchen stuff, whatever. But, I really do love Reynolds Wrap non-stick foil. Like big puffy heart love it.

The reason I started using it was because I was sick and tired of covering my lasagnas with foil and then having all the cheese stick to it! I was also tired of scrubbing every pot and pan after baking simple dishes. Then, I had one of those lovely "A-HA!" moments when I found this foil.

I use it for everything. I line pretty much every pan that I use with it. It's the best for making brownies and bars. I use a Pampered Chef stone baker to make my baked goods and they tend to stay warmer longer than other pans. By using this foil, you just leave some foil "handles" on the ends and lift out the baked goods. No worries about over cooking. Transfer to a cooling rack and you are good to go.

I also find it much easier to cut bars this way. You can put the baked goods on a large cutting board and use your good, sharp knives to cut away. No damage to your good pans!

And, the very best part? Zero clean up.

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  1. I have never thought to line a pan with foil...hmmm. I don't think we even have Reynold's Wrap in Scotland, tho. I will have to check- I usually just go cheap.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I've never bought this before, so I'm glad for the tip! :) I see you're reading The Help - how do you like it? It was one of my favorite books of the last year. :)

  3. I big puffy heart love this too!! I hadn't thought about using with the Pampered Chef bakers - good idea!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Oh, I'm going to have to try this! I hate scrubbing pans!

  5. Thanks for the tip!

    (I'm reading The Help, also! I am thoroughly enjoying it.)


  6. Love the foil!! I just recently discovered the ends of the foil box has "Push in's" Those tabs keep the foil roll from coming out of the box.... ingenious!! Never saw them until my mother in law pointed them out while I was wrestling with a roll....ha ha ha

  7. Yup! And you can freeze stuff in it; just line a casserole dish with foil, spray the bottom of it (the foil) with Pam, then put whatever on top of it (lasagne, for example) and freeze it. Once it's solid, pop it out and put your casserole dish away, wrap the lasagne in plastic wrap over the foil, and back in the freezer.
    I'm afraid that wasn't my best explanation ever; hopefully it made sense and gave you one more reason to love it :)

  8. I never thought of lining the pan either. I know what you mean about the foil sticking to cheese though. I hate it!

  9. Hey everyone--thanks for all the great comments!

    Jen@BigBinder, YES I have done that for freezer meals, thanks for leaving it in the comments.

    Lori & Suz, I just finished The Help yesterday. I loved it!!

  10. Hi! Hopping over here from Keeping the Faith - I have to admit that I Big Puffy Heart LOVE non-stick Reynolds, too!

  11. Um, I didn't even know this existed. What kind of a housewife am I?! Thanks for the tip. :)

  12. Get out of town! I can't believe I've never heard of this! I love it and will have to get it next time! great tip!!